So, I'm sitting here at work. Contemplating the day, wanting to go home today, not for any particular reason just that I'm uninterested in work today. It's 12:51 and I know Mike is at his T session with "MY" questions. HMMMM! what's ticking, what will the outcome be? Will I be granted a couples session next week with them? Will I have any of the questions answered I posed? I'm okay with it, right now. I'm okay because I was able to have the questions that are looming over me currently acknowledged in the very least. That's a good thing for me right now.

We have 2 date nights planned this weekend. I'm hoping that today's session won't hinder them, but in the same light if it causes a riff maybe it's our key to talk to one another which is what I would love. For the Grand Finale, the Dalai Lama on Sunday in NYC he's doing a weekend long sessions on the Sutra's, but Sunday he's finishing his weekend with a public talk and we're attending.

I'm hoping this weekend can be totally healing for us. We need to have a little one on one time and focus on each other, this weekend could be it or disastrous instead. I'm pulling for the healing weekend.

30 more minutes and he'll be ending his session today....I'm pulling for him! I always wait patiently for his call/text to know he made it through. Just wanted to vent a little it's been a stressful week and I'd like to exhale.

means selfless love of one person for another
without sexual implications
(especially love that is spiritual in nature)