I went to the doctor yesterday for a annual check up and to have him prescribe Paxil that my T recomended I go on. I was really scared going since this was the first visit to a doctor since everything has started to come out. Because of what I read on here I made sure I told him that I was in thereapy discovering about my abuse. He was really sensitive and careing about it which made me feel comfortable around him. Well it came time to for the testicular and prostate exam, I don't need to tell anyone here how scared that made me. Well it seem like I was fine with both when they were going on. Although after the doctor came back in after he let me clean up from the prostate exam I told him then how scared I was and again he was really understanding a apologised for not thinking about that.

So I left the office and at first I felt ok but then has the night progressed I started feeling really bad about myself and also getting really depressed and shameful. Since this is all new to me I'm not sure if this was definatly a delayed reacton to the visit or something else. Has anyone else had the same experience as me?