I found your site while doing a search on male assault this morning. I can't stop crying right now & I really need help.

My boyfriend is 39 & lives in California. I currently reside on the East coast, but we plan on living together this December. Tuesday night he called me before his phone died & yesterday all day he hadn't called me. He called me at midnight last night telling me that he was in the hospital all day.

He then told me that he went to go meet a friend at a bar Tuesday night & was being bothered by 3 gay men. They then slipped a drug in his drink & he woke up in an alleyway in the early morning hours. After a bit, he tried to go to the bathroom & felt something was wrong - so he went to the hospital. The Doctor's removed a highball glass from his body.

I started to freak out, cursing & asking him a million questions because I didn't understand & couldn't piece it together. I am also on vacation right now w/a girlfriend & had a few glasses of wine before speaking to him. I thought he was kidding at first (listened, didn't say this out loud) & then I started to get angry asking him if he was on drugs. He got upset & said he didn't need this from me & he was only going to confide in me what happened & his parents. Then, he kept brushing it off saying it was now the past. & then I just went numb, I didn't know what to say. I became quiet which I don't think helped him either.

I feel so unbelievably terrible right now & I feel like I can't even talk to anyone because this situation is so private. I told my mom just now because I was in hysterics & I love my mom. I trust her not to tell anyone & right now I have stopped crying. D said he'd call me first thing this morning to talk to me. I don't know what to say. I read some stuff that said to make sure to say it's not his fault & that I support him. But what about our future?

I'm just so afraid & I don't know how to handle this . . .
Thanks for listening.

D's Girlfriend