I've been here for a bit now and I've only really made one strong connection with a guy on this site, but that connection is with the greatest person I've ever met in my life. He is everything that I thought I would never find in this world, he is strength and courage and hope. He's everything to me and I know with all my heart I would never have moved forward with my healing the way I have without him.

He's reached out to so many on this site and I support him 110%. He's had contact with many of those who've betrayed our trust in the last little while and his courage is shaken. It hurts me more than anything that his trust and his compassion has been compromised. I want to go on a rampage that people could hurt this person so much.

This is probably inappropriate, and I apoligize now, but if I ever get my hands on the SOB's that fucked with this person, trust me, you'll wish you were dead. You F'ing losers have no idea the pain you've caused, and you caused it to the sweetest most compassionate man on the planet. I've heard over and over again how you all still think of this fake as a friend and how he helped you, but they hurt a true survivor. They hurt a person who only want's to help, he's reached out to every one of you. Think about him.

I'm sorry, I'm so non-violent. I don't believe in violence in any way, but you F'ing fakes have gone too far. You f****d with the wrong person. I hate you, don't you ever let me find you.

Let's all thank god for people like him, let's all understand that without him this world is not worth living in. Let's all understand that no matter the intentions a true hero was hurt.

There is no, NO NO NO reason a true hero of this site should ever feel the way he feels.

I salute the true hero's of this site, and he is one of greatest. Let's all thank our lucky soul's that he's here. And let's all remember that no matter the intention's of the other's that the true hero's don't ever ever deserve this.

Love you, thank you for you.

Stay Strong my Brother. You don't ever deserve what these "friend's" have done.

I hope we all take a moment to truly think about the damage that was done, and when you've done this I hope you give your compassion, your strength, and your love to those that deserve it.


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