thanks for all the responses.

dave, you are so right about not being ashamed of it. he just thought that everybody did it... and thank god he did because it got him through...

i will have to read up on DID. i've only seen it referenced to on here, so i'll find out some more about it.

barney, what is the name of the book? i doubt he'd be into trying that right now, but he may in the future.

all this time, i've been hoping and praying that he would want to take the initative to read or at least think about these things...and now that he is, i wish so badly i could take it all away. i know it's only going to get harder for him.

but if there's healing on the other will be worth it.
i'll keep you updated.


I was silent as a child, and silenced as a young woman; I am taking my lumps and bumps for being a big mouth, now, but usually from those whose opinion I don't respect. - Sandra Cisneros