Got called into the office at work this morning. Had a talk with the nightshift manager.

As of 6.45am this morning i am unemployed. Occupational health signed me off work, i have been told that im getting one more months wages and any holiday money i am owed. I dont have to go in for the last month, but will get paid for it.

Told the wife who picked me up from work, she went to peices, she has now gone up to see her mum. Our marriage is very strained and was in danger of falling apart, now this has happened.
We will have to leave our flat and fing alternative accomodation as the place i live does not accept benefits. I am seeing the benefits office tommorrow about disability benefits.

Its like a sodding big boot in the face, i feel like my insides have been ripped out. God i dont need this shit.

Sorry if i come into chat and bomb all over the place, i just need to be with others who understand and well, just be here.

Dont know what im going to do, i feel like running and hiding, i just dont know what im going to do if i lose my wife.