Ok, I want to do the RIGHT thing. THe right thing for him, for me, for our kids. He was assaulted, ok, I get it. But, can a grown man, 30+ yrs old, be r*ped by a 20 yr old GIRL? Really? Taken to a bad place, yes. Seduced, yes. But r*ped?

So that's where we are. I don't trust him. Bottom line. He is destroyed. Cries every day. We have both wished to be dead, although neither of us would follow through (I hope).

There is SO little information about adult male abuse, I find it SO hard to believe (I'm sorry for hurting anyone's feelings). How could he "check out" and have this happen? How could he bring this home to our family after everything we've already been through? Ugh. Now, there are private investigators, laywers, you name it.

I don't trust him. I think that he believes the story he is telling me, and perception is reality. But, *her* perception is that they had consensual sex, otherwise she wouldn't be SUEING him.

So, given that I don't understand/beieve him, and it's destroying both of us, are we better off apart?