Roy - I hope everything goes OK. I know how traumatic this can be, having been there myself. Just remember that people will be judging the perp, not you. The prosecution will have to do their job in a full trial, but remember that is not personal.

"If only I could have said something back then". Yes, me too, but I didn't have the capacity to do that. It took me from 1969 until Oct 2004 (35 years) before I spoke to the police and set a trail in motion. I still felt like a 12 year old then, going over everything again (even though I had tried to bury it). I then had to keeo it in my mind, as fresh as I could every day until the trial was over on March 17th 2006 (17 months). It was like another form of torture, so yes I can understand exactly how you feel.

Just remember, it is the perps that are in the wrong, not us. Stay strong, and good luck...Rik

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