I finnally read my e-mail, i wanted to thank everybody who was concerned for me. I don't check my e mail much, and usually only post when i feel real bad or am struggling. sorry if i worried you guys. I try to be there for everybody else when i can, but i post pretty randomly.

I am sorry if i seem detached sometimes, but it seems like in my life the only way i ever connected with anybody is through a dirty air filter. I never had a serious relationship with anybody, and only have one friend i ever really connected with, and even that seems a little strained at times. I wish i had somebody to talk to, face to face, because its very hard to talk about it to people who haven't been there.

I have to stay up today and call up some rental agencies. I know a few of you live in orange county, and one of you said you live in huntington, i'll try to keep better tabs on things if you want to talk. I guess i oughta stop tying up my phone line. Thanks you guys.