Not sure if anyone remembers me, but after 22 months with the Police,all my family being interviewed, and 9 days in the courts this year since February (so far, with out me being there), my case is finally coming up tomorrow (today now)for what is called a "Committal Hearing" where the judge decides if it goes to trial or not.

If that proceeds, I think it may be another 1-3 years.

My two eldest brothers have been (SPELLING HERE) suphoneed (court order to appear) by the perps defence team, but as none of my family knew what was going on back then, I wonder what the point is.

I am very tender tonight, very much like an 11 or 12 year old, but all I can do is go and sit in the foyer of the court (having been told to take a jacket to hide my face if news teams or photographers are there) to support my two eldest brothers who never knew what happened 38 years ago, only found out 2 years ago!! Why do Defence teams do this?

The perp has recently been in the news again, (he is already in prison), as one of his later victims was just awarded a lot of $, but as perp has none, does not mean much.

Soon I would like to publish what I have been through, maybe on my own blog (website), but if it can help anyone, it will be worthwhile

Maybe a new beginning about to happen as this last thing from my youth is dealt with. 100% Support from my family, including my parents in their 80's.

So much guilt from me when I realised he never stopped after me, and went on from the early 70's at least till 2002. If only I could have said something back then!!

Off to bed.a big day for me to support my brothers today, and the outcome, who can guess after so (soooo) long.

Sydney, Australia.