My kids were born in the mid-80s, so we were raising them right at the time when child abuse, especially of boys and especially by people known to the child, was gaining more and more public attention. We didn't feel there was a lot of specific guidance out there, so we did what we could. We told them no touching secret should be kept, that touching places covered by a swim suit is not allowed, and that if anything happens that makes them feel uncomfortable they should come to us right away. We checked out babysitters, never let either of them go to the toilet in a store unaccompanied, and so on.

But I think John absolutely nails it when he speaks of how important it is for a kid to feel special, wanted, loved, and cared for at home. Kids yearn for that, and if they don't get those feelings at home they will be that much more vulnerable to the lies and enticements of predators.

Violet I don't know how old your children are, but these days there are quite a few books out there for children of all ages, containing age-appropriate information, guidance and opportunities for discussions with Mom and Dad. You can check about these with your doctor, a local social services department, or online from the SPCC, I would think.

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