I have Been In a Very Crappy Mood Latley--------------------Its Like My Adult Has Given Up------------------My Scared Lost Little Boy---------------Is Having A Very Hard Time-----------------------Getting By-----------------Shutting Himself In So Much More Now---------------I Know And Appricate All Of The Support I get Here--------------And All of The Caring People---------------------Its Like I Cant Hear----------------And I Am Shutting Everyone Out---------------------I Am Not Sure Who Is doing this----------------The Adult---------------Or The Scared Boy-----------------------------------Just So Much Hurt----------------------------------------Haa Hes Comming To Take Me Away----------------------------------To The crazey Farm-------------------------Cant Run Any more-----------------No Where To Go----------------------------------Dont Know What To Do??????????????????????------------------------This Being Shut In Is Getting To me----------------------------------But I Dont See Anything Out There For Me-----------------------------------------Guess I need To Find Something In Myself-----------------------To Pick Me Up And Move Foreward----------------------------------Just So You All Know-------------------------I Know I Am Shutting Everyone Out-------------------------Sorry---------------------steve