Will he let you talk to his T? I can tell you from first hand experience that sometimes what our guys hear and interpret during therapy is not necessarily what was said or intended by the T.

The first couple of times I was invited to a T session with my b/f, his T and I had disagreements, not fights, we just weren't seeing things from the same place. The T sees our guys for an hour a week, maybe two, we're there the rest of the time so our perspectives are naturally different. We're also at odds in some things. The T's job is nothing more than protecting and healing our guy, we want that too - badly - but we're also trying to live our own lives. Sometimes that causes a clash of ideals.

If your b/f would agree, maybe you can have a sort of meet and greet with his T, not therapy, just a get to know you session and you can both sort out your different, yet similar objectives.

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