Hi Violet, Trish, Angie & PTSDWife:

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I have this thing I do with my cell phone. I try to find one new positive that I've learned each day that has helped me grow in a better direction and place it in my notes within the memory of the phone. Since I have my phone with me all the time, I often refer back to what I've figured out. I have several from the first book that I'm just about finished reading.
WE all need to figure out what works best for us and use this as our compass to find direction. Ignoring, running from, avoiding...will not change what is...not for me, not for husband, not for our children. I truly wish for each and every one of us to find something to appreciate every single day. A thought, a photograph, a joke, a quote, the one toothed smile of a baby...just a simple thing about life and place that within your personal diary for the day. (your memory, your phone log, whatever.) At the end of a year I suspect we will all have richness beyond imagining if we truly take the time to see it, yes?
Well, I've got to go. I have five more books to read and a garage to finish cleaning out.
Best wishes and thanks for your comments, support and friendship.

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"As long as he continues to try, I will meet him in that determination and commitment."

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