Survivors & partners,

I was hoping you all might be kind enough to share your insight on these subjects. These are things that could be very helpful to someone who has just begun to deal with their or their partners CSA issues. After talking to some newbies on here (myself included, of course), I thought it would be helpful to have it all in one post.

1. What are the most important things that you have discovered while surviving?

2. Is there something in particular that forced you to take action in dealing with issues brought about by CSA?

3. What is the biggest lie (for you) about CSA?

4. (for survivors) If you have a signifigant other to help you through all of this, what is the most meaningful thing they can do to help?

Feel free to add other questions that would be helpful.


I was silent as a child, and silenced as a young woman; I am taking my lumps and bumps for being a big mouth, now, but usually from those whose opinion I don't respect. - Sandra Cisneros