What am I doing wrong?
I can't talk to him.
I feel like he's taken some things I've said in a personal way.
I just cancelled today's appt and he wants me to pay for this appt.
That is fine but he also mentioned another lost appt from I don't know when. Why bring it up NOW? Can we wait until we meet next week to talk about this? I feel like is getting back at me with this.
I really don't know if I am going back to see him.
And this of course has to happen on the busiest day I've had with everyone talking to me at work wanting things done and having to handle multiple projects and everyone's in a shitty mood.
I don't know if I want to go back to my T this is really pissiing me off. I don't feel I am getting anywhere and I am running out of money. My insurance is not paying for this. I am making an honest effort. This is just not working.
Now what will happen if I stop therapy? Or look for another therapist.
I feel so frustrated today.

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Prince Zuko: [looking at a map] How am I going to find the Avatar? He is clearly a master of evasive maneuvering.
Sokka: [cut to him, looking at the same map] You have no idea where you're going, do you?