how does someone do that, how does someone look at a little kid and think those thoughts? how big of a man does it take to threaten a kid, how many men does it take to fucking ruin someones life? how can a grown man be such a fucking coward and how can a father fuck his own son? what kind of sick fucking twisted pleasure does he get out of that? what kind of a person has to tie down a fucking 10 year old when he's three times his size and three times his weight? what kind of a parent hits their own kid until the bones in his face are broke until his teeth are broke until his fucking eyes are bleeding until he's choking on his own blood? how many times do you have to say "Im sorry" or hear "im sorry" or "i love you" or "this is for your own good" at what point do you want to throw up when he calls you "son"? how many times do you have to be raped before you just come to expect it to happen? before you start to enjoy it? how many times do you have to attempt suicide to get someones attention? how many times do you initate the attack to just get it over with? how tightly to do your arms have to be held behind your back before they snap like fucking twigs? how many times do you have to be punched in the stomach before ribs break? how long can you go without eating? breathing? how is a little kid supposed to know the difference between whats right and whats wrong when he does everything wrong? how does a father think teaching his son to associate pain and sex and love and hate is the right thing to do? how long can you take beatings and rape without crying? passing out? bleeding to death? begging for death? what makes a man talk another man into fucking his own son? how can anyone be so deaf and so blind as to just ignore the hurting little kid in front of him and not hear his cries and just go on about getting off anyway? how fucking perfect do i have to be to get him to love me? god i have a million more questions that i'll never get answers too, but i'll keep asking them anyways

Firefighters - your worst nightmare is just another day at the office.