just when it seems things are better...

chuck had his first trigger (or at least the first he has shared with me, which is probably the case) while we were having sex the other day. I hate his stupid fucking uncle and all the shit we have to go through because of his fucking actions. I'm not upset with Chuck at all- i'm upset for him. Someone has to be.

Chuck had this look on his face that made me want to cry. He looked like he was having a panic attack. He sat on the floor because he said he felt too exposed sitting on the bed.

i think i was really good about it, but what am i supposed to do? do i ask him about it so that way avoid possibly doing it again? do i not bring it up? Should I offer to hold him or leave the room? Will he react the same way every time?

It's so fucking confusing.

Will the triggers just get worse as he's actually beginning to talk about the abuse & stuff?