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Saturday Evenings 6pm CDT, 7pm EDT, 12 midnight UK

What are Healing Circles

A Healing Circle is a peer support group over the internet. Peer support groups can be a very powerful tool in the healing process. None of us is a trained therapist. We are simply survivors coming together to share our feelings. Therefore, we all take responsibility for making the meetings as safe and supportive as possible.

How it Works

We use the chat room format with a few changes. One of the members of the group is the facilitator who directs the meeting. Only one person is speaking at a time. It's a therapy type chat setup where each member can ask for time to discuss their issues and receive feedback from others. Much care is taken to avoid people being triggered. In order to have a open and truthful discussion of the issues, once formed groups will be closed meetings. The circles are a chance to get a little closer to the guys who meet with you every week ,it's comfortable, after a few meetings you get to know what to expect and what each persons needs and strengths are.

Many of us didn't really know what to expect from a group setting so possibly some are hesitant to join. Please read more so you understand what the Healing Circles are about ...

Why it Works

The Healing Circles are valuable resource for everyone. We all get an opportunity in the circle that many of us don't get in the outside world - the chance to share something that is pressing against our hearts, and to get some realtime feedback from people who at some level or another understand and feel that pain or concern. In turn, we all get an opportunity to help someone who is hurting and needs our support. That to me is what helps make this community a good one.

If you want to join us Please reply in this post or send Selene or HealingPartner a PM.

Below is some more information

Our Mission Statement.

We understand that the road is easier when not traveled alone and therefore the purpose of this circle is to provide a place of safety for the friends and family of men who as children or in adulthood have been victims of sexual abuse and or assault. Here, we can express our thoughts, fears, joys, or anger and know that our voice will be heard by others who will understand and validate him as a human being. Here, the focus is not so much on the past as it is on healing. Naturally the past will come up from time to time but the purpose is to find a way through it to the healing that awaits on the other side. We will look at our journeys to see where we are on the road to healing and discuss things that work for us as well as things that do not. We will learn from the mistakes and successes of others and thus promote healing in our own lives.


It is not the fault of our loved one that they were abused but the fact still remains; but they were. They did not choose to be sexually abused. The pedophile chose to abuse them. He (or she) did not ask permission; they took what they wanted, leaving our spouses, friends and partners wounded, confused and in pain.
Together we will travel a road that is not familiar to any of us but common to us all. We will support each other and lend a helping hand along the way.

It's not our job to heal for our loved one. We need to be strong for ourselves as well as offer support and love.

This is not an easy road we travel and is not for the faint of heart but if you feel the need for support on this journey, join us.

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