...........IDK how to start this honesty.Its all good mostly but I was triggered too over the last few days.I am for starters getting a therapist again and my brother (my abuser) has plans to move away in a month.

How all this happened is basically an argument between me and my mom in the car on Tuesday,in which the topic is completely irreverent.I got angry and said a bunch of stupid crap that I regret basically.my brother was in the car too and I did not make any threats of any kind but when we got out of the car he attacked me for the 2nd time since he has been out of prison.The first time I justified it because I pushed him out of the way,which is almost asking for a fight.I don't justified it this time because I had not made any threats or approached him in any way that spells violence.

This whole thing basically connects to the abuse because afterward I actually talked to my mom about why I was triggered so.She knew about the abuse in the past but I told her some stuff I didn't say before (not much) and made the suggestion to go to a therapist again.Which the great news is I am getting a new therapist in a month,I have to wait for a change in insurance and stuff.The bad news is I am not on speaking terms with my brother.......again,that happens a lot when I think about it.It may not be too bad a thing After all he did abuse me before,I doubt most people here try to communicate with their abusers.