thank you good and by extension you as well.
I hate(d) myself for being so fuckin selfish although simply telling her i need to stay away and cut all ties,and i have done as such,i sent her an email telling her i cannot talk or email you anymore.

People(lisa especially) are more forgiving and admire you when you're honest because otherwise the truth always surfaces in the end anyway.

When you tell the truth you don't need to remember anything.

I hope,although i cant predict the future of course,i never do this again because it's wrong,it's sneaky,manipulitive,and most of all it's a secret i do not want anything to do with....i told her yesterday of my major screw up and she took it well.

"IF" there is a next time(god willing there will never be) i'm not so sure she'll be so forgiving.

I take alot of pride in my honesty and i need not be a fool again...the jury however is still deliberating on my fate for more foolishness....


" You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have "