WTF??? H gets a call from her today saying that he is going to be served. What?? She is sueing him for lost wages at her job. (After they found out what she did she quit, at the request of the manager) She said that if he doesn't pay her what she would have made the rest of this year plus what she would have made next year she will formally sue him, and "tell all kinds of stories in court." WTF?

He is already broken to the point of barely being able to function, he CANNOT handle this. He says that the phone call rattled him so much he didn't know what to do, but he did say, "You r*ped me, now you want money from me? No way." She is going to call him tomorrow.

What to do? I told him that he needs to call the police. He is mortified that people will find out about this and either think he's a lying cheating bastard, or think he's a girlie man for claiming that he was r*ped. Either way, lose/lose.

HOWEVER, she has already taken enough from us, and she WILL NOT get away with this. I think I'm going to sue her sorry predator A$$ for emotional distress. What should we do? Call the police?