Why can I not ask for what I need? Why can I not feel I am worth of listening to and help? How to get past them feelings? I am so down, so scared, and so desperate to talk and be listen to and understood, and like near always, I go to chat, and again, I can not speak. WHy? Why can I not feel like I deserve to be heard, and when someone leave, or do not recognize what I am trying to say I need help, that I take it personal. I TRY to say I need to talk, and it is not heard. I am not saying it right, I know. What can I do, why can I not feel as it? I want to just scream, please help me, please hear me, please please, and I can not even say, please I need help. ANd I feel all more stupid on myself for it. I feel invisible and that I belong as that.