I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

(I have heard this sing many times, tonight at church, it was opened with a violin, a bass violin and (the middle one), french horns were also a part of the prelude with a solo male singer backed up by a 50 person choir. It was very moving and the bolded lyrics just jumped out at me.

The words reminded me that I need to continue to open myself up to the Healer and let Him continue to set me free... Easier said than done, It is truth and it is a point of prayer for me. Everytime I have opened my heart to Him, I have been made stronger. It is no wonder the enemy's first tactic is to keep us from trusting anyone. I need to also continue to trust others who have proven themselves to be a safe haven for me. Otherwise, I return to the prison, a walled garden with no exits, a private hell each one of us has experienced.

Thanks for listening guys, it really spoke to me and I wanted to share it with you.


Over the mountains and the sea,
Your river runs with love for me,
and I will open up my heart
and let the Healer set me free.

I'm happy to be in the truth,
and I will daily lift my hands:
for I will always sing of when
Your love came down. [Yeah!]

I could sing of Your love forever,
I could sing of Your love forever,
I could sing of Your love forever,
I could sing of Your love forever. [Repeat]

Oh, I feel like dancing -
it's foolishness I know;
but, when the world has seen the light,
they will dance with joy,
like we're dancing now.

Written by Martin Smith 1994 Curious? Music UK

There is a destiny that makes us brothers;
No one goes his way alone;
What we send into the lives of others,
comes back into our own. (Edwin Markham)