Hi John,

Just wanted to share info about the success of Homeopathic medicine for ailments such as these. Not sure where you are situated/the availability of that kind of alternative health-care, but would HIGHLY recommend it. Regular consultation with a good Homeopath and accurately prescribed remedies can be unbelievably successful.

I used to suffer with IBS, along with a whole host of other ailments, including intolerance to wheat/gluten.......I have been seeing a Homeopath now for about 2&1/2 years and guess what? It seems my ailments have GONE. In fact, the IBS went away very quickly as I recall. And that's without the foggy head/orgasm difficuty, or any medication messing with my mind!.....

I also have used it for:
teething with my little boy,
for injuries/ physical recovery,
post labour trauma,
coughs, colds, flu etc
daughter's aggravated behaviour..

..I could go on, but you get the general idea!

I am aware there also resources on the net, such as distance consultations etc, although I don't know the validity of these. Face to face is most likely the best idea for a first timer, but in the event of that not being available, the former might be worth a try,