When i was little i wanted to please my parents
    they were my world, when they smiled the sun shone

As i grew, there were others to attend to
    keeping my sister happy, she might not want to play her "games"
    couldn't keep my brother or his friends happy, best to hide

Still older, and the crowd to please grew
    now it was my peers, again mostly for self preservation
    the beatings were shorter if i did what was demanded

I got married
    the need to please parents didn't leave
    instead i just added another person to the list - my wife

My children
    my reasons for living - the joys of my existance
    and more who need me to make the world right for them

Mom died
    and now there's my father's new live-in girlfriend to tend with

All i want to know -
    when is it flippin my turn???????????????