the tears i'm crying right now in incredible joy.
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i do want what you have you know?i wanna believe ,its just right now reality is too strong to deny
i truly believe God will not let someone go without finding Him. if you want to know the truth, i am positive that someday He will reveal Himself to you, because He is the truth. i hope we're still in communication when He does - i want to be able to celebrate with you.

as for it being too strong (or too easy) to deny right now - believe it or not, i COMPLETELY get that one - and i was raised knowing God.

as for "converting or convincing" - the Bible tells me that's God's job, not mine. again, i am convinced His Spirit will reveal Him to you at some point.

as much as i can love someone i've never met - i DO love you, Adam. you are an incredibly open and honest person, and i'm learning to trust you. you make me smile.


ps - the Bible tells me that faith is a gift of God - it comes from hearing His word.