why do people always want to blame God for the abuse? do you also blame Him for ANYTHING good that has happened to you? or should i say, do you give Him the credit for the good?

If you believe in God and understand WHAT He is, then you would also believe that He CANNOT DO WRONG or BAD, that is contrary to the nature of God - He ONLY does good.

Evil (our abuse) is part of THIS world, not God's. It is here because evil was let loose to rule this planet with Adam and Eve. We are here to live our lives...and yes...so freakin' sadly...we become the victims of that evil.

God didn't do it! But He is there if we truly desire to have a relationship with Him. Think about this...if God protected us from all evil, any evil...He would be enticing us to desire a relationship with Him...

He HAS to let us live in this world and experience it the way it is and IN SPITE of everything here, desire a relationship with HIM...because as one of my feloow MS'ers said the other day - love cannot be coerced, cajoled, forced, it has to be FREELY given to mean anything....so it is with us and God.

please don't be offended or upset, i am not trying to tell anyone they are wrong...i just want to throw my opinion out there for your consideration...just consider it. because, again, the decision about what you believe and want has to come from each of you and not from me or anyone else.