3 convictions in the last two years? this is acceptable to you? perverted justice got 320 last year . i think before you pass judgment ,if you have the stomach for it ,go to perverted justice website and read the chat logs ,and yes they are real and law enforcement will attest to that ,read it before you say somebody got lured in . these guys came knocking on a door that said teenager ,tuff shit if there was a cop behind it instead. also we should be totaly objective here right ? we should consider all sides right? consider the rights of potential predators right ? after you go to pj site if you have the stomach for it like i said ,why not hop on over to one of the pedo sites and check out what they have to say about pj? then come back and tell me they have a right to be on just as much as ms does, example ,boycht a site that pj has shut down twice,yeah its right there on the net ,now we cant call the name of that site deception can we? i mean if a 13 year old boy typed in boychat to say talk to other teens ,well guess where hes gonna end up ,is that entrapment? i just think your on the wrong side ,cause its kids lives at stake not some friggen pedos civil rights

its not hard to fall
when you float like a cannonball - damien rice