I don't know?

If I am standing in line at the bank with a ski mask on, a gun in my pocket and a note in my hand that says, "Give me all of yer money!" I think I've stepped over that line between thinking about it and doing it.

I watched this show just once...I just kept thinking to myself...how incredibly stupid are you? As one after the other showed up. Carrying wine coolers!!?? Come on.

I know the vast majority of abuse occurs by an acquaintance or family member and this show tends distract in the same way that similar shows did in the eighties when the focus was on abductions by strangers. Resources were depleted and the general population were given the impression that the majority of child abductions were perpetrated by strangers rather than by someone known to the child. Ultimattely fewer resources were available for the children most at risk...

But!!! And it is a huge one...it did raise awareness...which is crucial.


checkin out for a few weeks... whistle