My boss and I work very closely together... I work for her because we maintained a friendship first... When I started recovery, I had some very tough days... and somehow she had this 'sixth sense' about when I was dealing with something heavy, and she kept asking "Is everything OK in your life?" with this deep concern in her voice.

I neglected to tell her anything and passed it off as 'everything's fine'... but as the months drew on I ended up writing her an email letting her know what's going on. I'm going to post her reply here because I want to prove that not all bosses are evil \:\) Some are really quite understanding.

Originally Posted By: My Boss
To let you know where I stand, I think of you as more than an employee and the fact that you work for me is secondary to how I look at our relationship. We were friends first, in somewhat of a strange way, but I truly want what is best for you personally and not what is financially right for the company. So I can not stress enough that your well being is more important then our work relationship. I, like you, realize that we do work together so yes there is that issue of boundaries that you speak about, but the boundaries are only what we or you want them to be. I'm not at all going to pry or push you to disclose anything, but I'm no idiot and can sense when you are not doing fantastic. I'm very glad that your work life is well suited to your life and I would like to continue along that path and create an environment that benefits your life, not hinders it. I enjoy working with you, I enjoy talking with you and I will make effort to accommodate what you or your family needs.

If there is anything I can ever do, please know that if you think I can do it, I will. Taking time off is not a inconvenience, I believe it is the balance of our life. [...]

Anyways, all the best