You had been sexually abused at 5yo...WOW....if you don't tell your wife and get her subport...she may find out like may wife did..."acting it out with another man"! Does she know that you're in therapy ...for some reason? If so...take her with you to therapy after you arange it with your therapist and have the therapist help brake the news...she would have to work for your money that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you're smart enough to get pro help for yourself and dissocate completly at the age of 5...and keep it hiden from yourself for 30 years...there must be some big time reason for not telling her yet??? It is most likely all in your head...tell her...with pro help or not! Remember the movie Popeye..where he or his father is tied up and keeps saying no I won't eat my spinach...he's thinking back and acting like he is 5yo...Tell Her...No I don't wanta tell her...that's cool...they always find out anyway theirselfs!!!! LOL