NORTH AUGUSTA, SC---A one-time local television icon is out on bond today after being re-arrested for more sex crimes against children. Ed Meloan and his wife Susan were both charged with lewd acts on a minor, Susan facing two charges and Ed now facing 12 in all including sexual exploitation of a minor.

First it was one count of having oral sex with a child less than one month later Ed Meloan, a former North Augusta Planning Commissioner, is slapped with eleven more charges of similar disturbing accusations many of them stemming back more than three decades ago. Betsy McMahon, a counselor for victims assistance offers one explanation as to why the victims are just now coming forward. "Very often 30-40 years later they don't think they have the right to come forward and say this happened to them years ago," she said. Another factor could be that other victims are now speaking out. "When they know more of them went through the same type of assault they feel they have power to do something and they don't feel alone in the battle," she said. "Usually with predators it happens more than one time it's not an isolated situation, it's ongoing especially for those with access to children," she added. Meloan could have also used his spotlight, playing the role of 'Count Justin Sane', as a way to lure children who often times are victimized by those who they know and trust. "Even their parents may have idealized him which could've contributed to them thinking this type of activity is okay," said McMahon.

Meloan's attorney tells us his client is working with investigators and wants to take responsibility for his actions. Susan Meloan maintains her innocence.


For a full list of the charges against the Meloans, including warrants, click here.( WARNING: The warrants contain graphic content.