About a week ago I had a dream that has been bugging me. I usually dont remember dreams as vividly like this. It started out with me driving north on I-57 toward Chicago to see a friend. Then I pull off and stop at a house...pull up behind the house in my truck.
The next thing I know there is a plane coming from my right and crashing into the north-bound side of traffic. Then another plane crashes in from my left on the south-bound side of traffic almost hitting my truck. I get out turn around and a milk truck pulls up and explodes and gets milk on me. I then leave, and then come back within a few minutes, everything is gone.

I asked my friend about it and she said that the milk truck can be something sexual and the plane crashes symbolizing a disaster. and after the milk-truck explodes, everything returns to normal.

I see it like this...I am on my way down my street to see a friend, i am intercepted by "Roy" (the individual who did unspeakable things to me). The plane crashes are symbolizing my abuse as it is occuring, then the milk truck explodes (an ejaculation) and everything is over and i am left in a state of confusion.

Left me know what you think, i would really appreciate your feedback...