I have been in T for a few months now and feel as though I have come a long way...prior to starting T I was deeply involved in my church, Elder, media coordinator, men's group, etc...since T started, I have stopped all service in my church because my recovery takes up so much of my time and mind...

Over the past three weeks I have been on hiatus from T due to attending Summer Camp with my two sons...the camp is a church camp and served to refresh my spirituality and connection with God...I found myself pondering why the two, recovery and church, have been seperate to this point.

I suppose I initially seperated the two because I felt so ashamed of the things I have done...I recently have come to realize that I haven't been trusting God to be who He is...my Creator who can do ANYTHING...including helping me through my recovery. I am trying to marry these two important parts of my life.

After being at camp I was ready to stop T and dedicate my recovery process to prayer and the will of God solely... but I believe that the two can supplement each other...at least I am going to give it a shot.

I would appreciate any input from anyone who may have struggled similarly.