Hi Men:

\:D Lloydy--Good point about Brian. Maybe he felt polluted in the process of trying to help clean up all the crap that was being dumped. Felt responsible for dirtying others becuz as a moderator he didn't stop the flood of sewage.

Speaking as one who has moderated on other forums I can relate to that feeling.

Being soiled doesn't make one a dirty person, any more than being abused or even not stopping abuse makes one an abuser.

But the feeling is familiar to me, probably to many survivors, especially males. "I coulda stopped the abuse" is a feeling we're very susceptilbe too.

That's why I share these thots even tho I may be way off base concerning Brian. I want to encourage us all not to re-victimize ourselves.

And, if I'm not off base, to share that encouragement with Brian, and let him know I hope he considers coming back.

You're right Lloydy my brother. Just being here is a sign & a show of our strength as male survivors. One that we must not yield. For we are needed & we need each other.

Men, the territory is marked!!!

\:D Cement: No coincidence, I think your T is wise. I also think you're one damn good wolf! Thank you for sharing the wolf insight & theme with us! I will never forget it!

\:D Mark: You're right! We hate to have seen something like the "Lying Cub" incident happen. But it is powerful & affirming & assuring to see how well our administrators & moderators tamed & caged that Lion! I too feel even safer here now!

This place belongs to the wolves! No Lions Allowed! At least not Lyin Cubs!

Take Care Men


"I can't stand pain. It hurts me."
--Daffy Duck