So...I got hearing aids...sigh.

My wife got tired of hearing those particular words over and over, "What? Uh?"

It is very sureal, the sound...and individually cost more than the first car I drove off of the showroom floor. But when I put them in and went outside for the first time...I heard the breeze in the trees.

Funny how a person a hearing loss let's say...over the years. I made the mistake of yelling at my father one night at the dinner table when I was thirteen. Well, I wasn't at the dinner table so much as I got up from it, stood back and screamed, "Stop it! Just stop it!" Then ran to my room. You might imagine he followed right after.

The next morning I woke up with blood on my pillow. Ruptured both eardrums. Got me out of school for a week and a half as I recall.

The first time I had them in and was sitting in the kitchen...when the refridgerator came on, I jumped. My wife looked at me and said sarcastically, "Yes, it has always made that noise."

Oddly...I like the quiet when I take them out.

Funny what we get used to, uh? Funny what we accept as acceptable.


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