Hello family,if I may,
Kept editing the title hoping to get some response for this preplexing issue to me.
So odd that for 2 days I was what i thought going to just die and now I have some peace of some sort. Gratitude to God.
I have had a possible awareness I am anxious to get input on. For as long as I can remember there have been certain things that have bothered me a great deal. Well bothered is not the word. Drive me to the point of screaming and fleeing. These are a bit odd but who knows?
I have never been able to be in a room with a ticking clock. I can not stand a dripping faucet. I go crazy is some one crunches ice or food(i.e. popcorn) The catcher here is that this is only when it is someone I am close to or attracted to or along those lines, or I am alone(clock and drip). If I am at a friends house I don't notice a clock. If they crunch ice I think it is annoying is about all.

With my ex or parents or one of my roomates(attracted to) it is unbearable and I just about scream and have to get away. It just comes up inside of me like an adrenalin rush but that is not quite the de>