I grow up in Canada and was abused as a child by a man that befriended my family (as well as other families in the area), starting in the late 60’s and up until the mid 70’s. Today I realise that most adults in the community did hear about “the guy who likes boys” and so and so the “fruit” (as they called him). People confused homosexuality with paedophilia, and really most adults at the time couldn’t distinguish the two. Therefore, because most people where uncomfortable with homosexuality they simply were also uncomfortable with hearing about “the guy who likes boys”! So, more and more boys continued to get molested by this guy, and later his victims were taunted by others as being “a fruit” simply for hanging around this paedophile.

I think the main reason while children continue to get sexually abused is the same as it’s been for 1000’s of years, “adults find this subject just too uncomfortable to talk about”. Guys, this makes us “major mould breakers”. We can do ourselves, our communities, and the world a great service simply by talking more about CSA.

Lets keep up the great work!