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I know how things were handled when I used a knife on one of them in defense of an additional rape. And you know what??? I think it would go the SAME way today in that F-ed-up little culture.

I don't mean in any way to speak against you, and by the way, I appreciate the way Little Robbie stood up for himself against those bastards. What's fucked up isn't his use of a knife, but the fact that a little boy needed a knife to prevent another rape.

Anyhoo....a big difference between then and now is the instant and universal access we all have to information via the Internet. I think that is revolutionizing things in a way that will have huge consequences in the future. Something happens in Podunk, and a minute later it's known around the world. I want to find out more about the perp who abused me, and 10 seconds later I know he died in 1994 and where he's composting in Pennsylvania. And of course there's our community here.

Information isn't action, of course, but look how much MS itself is able to do, largely through the Internet. The world isn't the same kind of place it was when you and I were boys; it's a LOT easier for us to support and talk to each other and work for our own recovery and that of our brothers. I didn't get hauled in on a pile of turnips, not the last pile anyway, but I'm hopeful.

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