"The Circle Game" I think is by Joni Michell

I have to try to find the lyrics, I know some of them and they are beautiful, and I remember I liked it as a kid, one of my best early mem's, play my moms record on the recordplayer 1983-4, no wait that was another mem-----fukin COOL!! I just remembered one more memory, good memory from childhood!!!!!!! :-)

I remember siting by the recordplayer/ radio Listening to tina tuner "What's love gotta do with it." Standing up, I could just barely see over the piano seat, I used to grab it to pull myself up(holy crap, I must have been really young, this is great)!!!!!!!!

The Circle Game mem. was when my mom use to play gituar to me and my brother.

so, I guess back to the main topic. Has anyone heard of the song, and do you like it???

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