Going to the dentist is a big deal for many people and I think for survivors it's especially rough. But you do need to go, man. You need to get those temporary dentures replaced and get back into the habit of taking care of yourself. This is part of recovery too!

Know what I do these days? I always tell a doctor working with me that I'm a survivor, and the doctor is always relieved to know that and adjusts his treatment of me accordingly. It was difficult at first, but so are many things in life when we first set out to do them.

What I'm getting at here, bro, is that seeing the dentist is part of a larger program you need to tune in on, and that's learning to ask for help and then accepting the help when it's offered. This is so often another rough one, but hey, if we want our lives back we have to be willing to take on these challenges. Talk more about this stuff with us here, and let the guys here support you.

Much love,

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