I so enjoy the cousin to this post, things boys discover!! It has brought many happy mental images to me as I read the list. I can relate to so many of them, I read through some of them almost once a week or more. I'm going through something now though, that made me think about a thread from some of the "old" guys here. If anything that gets posted here can help just one younger guy avoid making the same mistake, it would be so worth it. I just found out that I have to spend over $900 to try to correct problems with my teeth because I "didn't believe in flossing". A lot of money, and a lot of pain, leads me to the reason for this post.

1-When the dentist says, floss everyday, PLEASE listen to them!!

I have used a sonic-care tooth brush, and have rinsed twice a day with Listerene antiseptic mouth wash for almost 20 years. That is also the last time I visited a dentist. I thought that as long as your gums didn't bleed, everything was in good shape. WRONG!! As good as I brushed, and rinsed, without flossing, bacteria was allowed to develop deep in my gums, causing loss of bone in a couple of my teeth. I am a twice a day flosser for life now, and my wallet is still screaming from the effect this has on it as well. I know how it feels when an "old" person tries to give you advise. I always knew more than the "old" person and didn't pay much attention. This one really came back to bite me (no pun intended). Floss, floss, floss!! You won't regret it.

I'm here for a reason. Failure is not an option.