It was the first book that I had ever bought on the subject, so for me it was like a manual.
It served as a guide, and explained to me why I acted they way I did, it also made me feel that what I was experiencing was very typical and not crasy and irational, before I read about it.

Sure, some of the book did not apply to me, but as a whole, I found it to be very helpful and informative, sheading so much light into what made me tick and set me off and triggered me, etc.

It basically gave me insight into where to begin, sinjce it was so forien to me and started to loose control of my thoughts and the nightmares and stuff like that and very importantly let me in on what I may begin to feel later as this progressed-thank god for that, such as the feelings and the amount of fragility I may (and now) have.

anyway, I guess its different strokes for differnt folks, so if this book is not helpful, go and look at some other ones. I'm sure that there's some out there that can be of some guidence or help.

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