A couple of nights ago, I saw this documentary on HBO, called "Have You Seen Andy?" It's about a woman named Melanie Perkins, who is now an adult, and her search for a childhood friend of hers, Andy Puglisi, who was abducted from a public swimming pool on August 21st, 1976, when he was 10 years old. He was never found.

The documentary details the police investigations, and interviews some witnesses. It also gives something of a background on two major suspects - namely, Charles Pierce (now dead) and Wayne Chapman, convicted serial pedophiles who were never officially questioned in the Andy Puglisi case, but who indicated in an offhand way that they may have known something about what happened. The documentary plays a couple of minutes of an audio tape made by Chapman as he was driving in his car one day, making comments about passing school buses and what he wanted to do to their passengers. It was frightening stuff - the voice of something that isn't a man.

The documentary is very, very good - but I think it WILL trigger people who are even moderately triggerable.

Children cannot consent; they can only comply.

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