The words for this song were passed along to this site from someone else. I cannot verify their origin, but I believe in the recording. The musical composition and performance are my own. Thank you, to the person who wrote the words. Thank you EGL for once again hosting the file.

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hey peter pan
im going home now
i've done all i can
besides i'm grown now
i'll think of you
all painted with the night
you sit and watch from somewhere
as one by one the lights go out
i wrote a note
to tell you how you matter
when the rain came down
all the light was scattered
and washed away dirt that often mattered
will you be safe from me now forever?
i believe you now
when you say that this will hurt
so i wont have to go
and play with you in the dirt
hey peter pan
i'm going home now
i know you ready
your on your own now

i'll think of you all wrapped up in the night
you sit and watch from somewhere as all the lights go out

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