Funny how a few short weeks ago things seemed to be running along pretty smoothly. Just had a visit from a good survivor friend, had some good “T times,” getting out of the house more & isolating less, less a/o on the computer, on the verge of getting my certification, doing more water aerobics, bringing in more money, feeling better in every way, starting to make some good plans for the future like maybe finally getting a house and going into teaching.

Now a few weeks later it seems like life is falling apart & the sky is falling on me. Some more stuff out of my painful past coming out that I'm trying to deal with, getting scammed & not getting my certification, having all kinds of hassles with my fitness center managers, having to quit some water aerobics classes this morning & possibly the rest tomorrow, my daughter spraining her ankle & her boyfriend hurting her back right when its time to go pick her up from college for the summer, the other daughter backing into a car in the parking lot at her college last night, not sleeping well, chronic pain flaring, getting really depressed, starting to want to isolate again, a/o more again, feeling like a total failure & loser.

Now, on the way to a water aerobics class this evening, I had a car accident. First one since the biggie in 93 almost 10 years ago, but my 4th total, and there is no question about this one. Second accident in which I've been charged but the first one that is legit, even tho his turn signal came on rather late & his stop was somewhat abrupt; clearly my fault. And fortunately there was a cop right on the scene to prove it. I wrecked right after passing this cop who had pulled over someone for speeding or something, and luck me he saw the whole thing. Let the guy go without a ticket—the guy oughta thank me. Yes I got a ticket in the hospital but the cop was nice & apologetic. Told him my fault & he is just doing his job. Fortunately the truck I rear-ended was hardly scratched & none of its occupants were hurt. They were real nice too. Even helped me & the cop push my car off the road. A company pick up truck & driver & workers so apparently no problem there. I'm ok, was taken to ER & released. Major back contusions, neck & shoulder pain—as if I didn't have enuf of that already! Gotta do ice a few days then heat, take some pain & anti-inflammation meds that will keep me from driving—like I need it & like I have a car to drive anyway. Right when I need to move both daughters home from college within next few days; they're making other arrangements. Well my wife has been wanting a new car…

Oh yes there's more. We leave the hospital my wife & I drop off my pre>
"I can't stand pain. It hurts me."
--Daffy Duck