wow this song helped me a lot. i also think it sends a message to abusers as well. big thanks to Scott Stapp!

"What If" Creed

I can't find the rhyme in all my reason
I've lost secse of time and all seasons
I feel I've been beaten down
By the words of men who have no grounds

I can't sleep beneath the trees of wisdom
When your ax has cut the roots that fed them
Forked tongues in bitter mouthes
Can drive a man to bleed from inside out

what if you did?
what if you lied?
what if I avenge?
what if eye for an eye?

I've seen the wicked fruit of your vine
Destroy the man who lacks a strong mind
Human pride sings a vengeful song
Inspired by the times you've been walked on

My stage is shared my many millions
Who lift their hands up high
because they feel this
we are one
we are strong
they more you holdus down
the more we press on

what if you did?
what if you lied?
what if I avenge?
what if eye for an eye?

I know i can't hold the hate
inside my mind
'cause what consumes your thoughts
controls your life
so I'll just ask a question
what if?

what if your words
could be judged like a crime?

when i sing this song by creed, i sing it to all of the abusers our there. there is a lot of true to the lyrics. and I spoke to Scott Stapp who wrote it and told him that it the words hit home for so many and how right he is about not holding hate within the mind. (what he said was off the record so i cant say it here, sorry guys) but i do hope this helps some of you.

"I will never forget, nor shall I choose too remember."