This is my first post. Well actually I did reply to Dave's yesterday. But I guess my first one for me to actually post.

I recently was sexually assualted at gun point...back on October 15th this year. Well I have since moved back to my hometown and state where all the crap from childhood happened. I am now looking for a job....which I now consider MY job! ha! Anyway my wife goes and gets me this fitness gym membership. SO today I think I will go and just swim and sit in the hot tub. ....which this is what I did...but then I realize I am surrounded by men (men and women have separate days to go) and over half of them are naked. And after showering I am too...I was just overwhelmed. But I don't think anyone knew it but on the inside I was shaking. I am sure this is due to my abuse and especially the recent stuff. I just don't want this to stop me from going. And even though I am not gay. There was some sexual excitement going on.....let's just say I was glad I had a towel to cover. Does going to the gym ever bother any one else? Believe me I am not a thin body type...I am 330 pounds and 6ft 3 in tall so I NEED to go. I just sort of freaked out getting nervous and sexually excited at the same time!

Well, ok I think I have been very open this first post. Everyone have a good evening!

Terry (redsongbird)