45. Mom can always tell when you've had icecream in the school, your shirt always does give away the secret.

46. Black leather shoes are not meant for playing football in the rains, they make that froggy sound while walking back from the school, and smell funny afterwards.

47. It is not good idea to pick your nose in public, though grown ups never care themselves.

48. You are not supposed to laugh when an old uncle farts, in public.

49. Help your elder brother select his clothes, afterall they are gonna come to you.

50. Never tell mom, why dad forgot to bring all the stuff she asked for, from the market. She would never know that he went there.

51. Always take care while zipping up.

52. Never hope that you can fart quietly this time.

53. When you gotta go, you better go.

~ It's over!...Let go of Thy Past, Remember Thy Self ~

Why Don't People Heal, by Caroline Myss; 30 days to clean up your vibrations - Abraham-Hicks